Nestled within hidden inlets of the Long Island Sound, the Vikingsborg Guest House offers a tranquil 10-acre manse ideal for meditative pleasure.  Members of all faiths are welcome for private retreats, rest or study.  Single men and women, couples, families and groups are invited.

A unique setting for scholars, artists, aesthetes and academics, as well as those who just want to get away for a while.  Programs for contemplation can be accommodated upon request.

A spacious 19th Century dining room offers 3 full meals a day to guests who desire them.  Otherwise, half board or bed and breakfast arrangements are offered.  All at reasonable rates.  In season, fruits and vegetables are often straight from the Sisters' garden adjoining the guest house.

The culinary fare is usually of an American/Continental variety, but is often spiced with specialties from the Sisters' national origins such as India, Mexico and Italy.

Comfortable single and double rooms with private and semi-private baths are available, most with breathtaking views of Long Island Sound.

The facilities, which include a conference room, library, recreation rooms, television and grand piano, are open all year to the public.

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